A Better Future for Our Community

Sustainability for the future of our community.

Conservation is and always has been a Purple Brands priority. Over the past decade, the company has made great strides in water and energy conservation. Both its Graton and American Canyon facilities are certified Sustainable by the California Sustainable Winegrowing Alliance. This proposal reduces capacity by 50%—from 3 million cases to 1.5 million cases. This reduction is just another progressive step towards our efforts as one of the most environmentally friendly wine production facilities in California.

Environmental Conservation Milestones

Purple Brands actively monitors water and energy usage to reduce its impact on the environment and community. Other operational changes that have already been implemented to reduce our environmental impacts are:

Icon Barrel Prpl

Insulated wine storage tanks

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Using recyclable packaging materials

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Putting in place restrictions on truck idling to reduce carbon emissions

In 2018, our operations are trending towards a 26% reduction in waste water discharge and a 14% reduction in well water usage. Our proposal — with a 50% reduction in total capacity — conserves water by using less water for production and producing less waste water.