Our Agricultural Past and Future

The town of Graton, and our site, have long agricultural and crop processing histories. Press Democrat photos show apple packing in Graton as early as 1910. The Purple Brands site was used since at least 1940 for apple processing. Around 1980, as wine was becoming one of the county’s most important crops, our site transitioned from apples to grapes. The Purple Brands on-site processing evolved again when a distillery was added to the site in 2013.


Our Historical Connection

The crop and processing have changed over the years, but Purple Brands historic connection to environmentally-aware agricultural production remains. Our current proposal continues this site’s evolution. The proposal will reduce total capacity by 50%, add a crush pad, restore .41 acres of riparian area, decrease traffic, free up parking, and will not increase water use or waste-water production and will decrease greenhouse gas emissions.

Img Grape Picking 2

Water and Energy Conservation is a Purple Brands Value.

We are proud of our water and energy conservation efforts over the past decade. Our current proposal to reduce our capacity by 50% is just another example of our ongoing commitment to minimize water use, waste water production, traffic and green house gas emissions.

Purple Brands systems and beliefs reflect the best practices of sustainable production. We are proud to run one of the most eco-friendly, water-efficient, solar-enabled facilities in the industry.

Graton-based Purple Brands, with satellite wineries in American Canyon and the Russian River Valley, produces branded wines and spirits as well as custom and private label wines for major U.S. and International retailers and restaurateurs. Visit our website for more information.