Designing a Better Future in Graton

Purple Brands (also known as Purple Wine + Spirits) in Graton is currently a high-volume wine and spirits production facility. We believe the facility and the community are better suited if we reduce volume and operate as an end-to-end wine and spirits production facility.

Our proposal has four parts:

  1. Reduce our total capacity from 3 million to 1.5 million cases per year which reduces environmental, traffic and parking impacts in Graton.
  2. Vertically integrate operations by adding a grape receiving area in a covered area on the interior of our site, with the capacity of 10,000 tons per harvest season.
  3. Add upgrades to site such as roof rainwater run-off redesign to minimize flow onto Railroad Avenue.
  4. Hiring a qualified local biologist to restore .41 acres of vegetation bordering the waterway on the southern side of the property with wildlife friendly fencing.

Well water use / waste water production

No increase

Reduced Bottling Capacity

50% Decrease from 3M to 1.5M cases

Reduced annual traffic

41% Decreased by 5,000 trucks

Increased parking in downtown Graton

Reduced truck traffic back up in downtown Graton

Reduced onsite employees


145 employees to 82 employees reduced traffic

Site Plan

Our site plan shows the location of the proposed crush pad in the middle of our property where the existing buildings serve as natural noise barriers. The crush pad will be covered. After listening to the community, we revised our truck route to maintain our existing truck route today with trucks accessing and exiting the site from Graton Road. While the truck traffic pattern will remain the same as today, we anticipate significantly less traffic due to our 50% reduction in capacity.

Our Proposal will also reduce outdoor operating hours during non-harvest months, i.e. ten out of twelve months each year. During harvest months, typically September and October, winemaking activity would be allowed to occur 24 hours per day and 7 days per week while truck hauling activity is limited to the hours of 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM. We’re committed to providing Graton with local high paying agricultural production jobs, modernizing our operations, and significantly lowering our operations’ impacts in the community.

Download the Project Handout